Five top tips for Copywriting

Apr 14, 2021

Like it or not – the phrase ‘Content is King’, made famous by Bill Gates back in 1996, still makes sense when it comes to marketing your business.

Your online content is what informs people of your services or products and should help you stand out among millions of other competitors on the internet.

While we recommend using a mix of media to market your business (with video being most popular) you’ll often still need to give some written context to your web and social media content. So, we’ve put together some quick tips on writing savvy content that is easily absorbed by your audience:

  1. Grab attention – don’t wait to say something exciting about your product or service; instead use a hook straight away to reel in the reader. Use catchy headings, shock headlines and engaging openings to create interest.
  2. Make it quick – if you can say something using less words, then do it! Nowadays audiences have a very short attention-span when it comes to reading text, so don’t make it longer than it needs to be!
  3. Think SEO – find out what key words people are using to search for products like yours and utilise these. Google has its own Keyword Planner, or a quick Google Search will bring up handy free key word research tools such as
  4. Read it out – always read your text aloud before publishing; if it’s hard to read for you then the chances are it’ll be hard to read for your audience. Make sure it has a nice flow without tricky tongue twisters or awkward alliteration (see what I did there?).
  5.  Revisit – sometimes you work on something for so long you can’t concentrate, right? Just when (you think) you’ve finalised your copy, go away for a walk or a brew and then re-visit with fresh eyes. Bet you’ll find something to improve on when you come back!

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